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The Feminist Perspective

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Feminist-perspective sociologists have noted that for most of the history of sociology, research was conducted only on male subjects or male-led groups and organizations, with subsequent generalization to all people. What would you suggest is the long-term influence of the historical tendency to overlook female subjects or female-led groups in sociological research? Does this tendency have ethical implications? Why or why not?

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The solution is an 855-word narrative that explores the original question in relation to feminism and the feminist perspective having been 'overlooked' throughout much of history. The discussion looks at the possible long-term influence of this tendency as well as it's ethical implications. References are listed to further explore the topic. A word version of the solution is attached for easy download and printing.

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The Feminist Perspective

What is the feminist perspective in sociology? First off, we must understand that feminism is a movement that has academic, political, social, philosophical, and economic components geared towards the exploration, establishment, promulgation, and promotion of women's rights, in particular, the drive for equality with the male sex/maleness. It is proposed that society, as we have today, has been designed through the patriarchy, with Western Civilization being primarily patriarchal where men lead and women follow. Ever since the time of Empires and Emperors, women had struggled to be co-equal with their male counterparts as roles had been assigned by culture and society that relegated women to supporting role. Men were warriors and leaders; women were mothers, lovers, wives, and housekeepers. American history shows that women's equality had been an issue ever since the time of the Founding Fathers where religion and social norms dictated women to be without need for education, military, or leadership skills as men shaped the politics and debates of the nation. Most notable for example was Abigail Smith Adams, John Adam's wife who advised ...

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