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    Tenets of Critical Theory and Feminist Epistemology

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    How to analyze the ontological, axiological, epistemological, and methodological tenets or assumptions of critical theory and feminist epistemology.

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    Feminist epistemology studies the ways in which gender influences our conceptions of knowledge, the knowing subject, and practices of inquiry and justification. It identifies ways in which traditional conceptions of gender disadvantage women and other marginalized groups in regards to race, class, and sexual orientation. It looks at what people can know, and who can be the knower.

    Critical theory: analyzes how ideology is the principal obstacle to human liberation.
    When combined feminist critical epistemology examines how the production of knowledge is influenced by patriarchal and misogynist ideologies, which then reify notions of women's and other marginalized groups' subordination. How to change those ideologies and find a space for new knowledge is the concern.

    An ontological approach would look at what exists. It would examine what patriarchal relations or gendered conditions exist to create certain types of knowledge. For example: A feminist standpoint or epistemology would illustrate how women's voices have been traditionally absent from ...

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    This solution discusses the combination of feminist critical theory with epistemological, ontological, axiological and methodological approaches. Each area is discussed succinctly and clearly in relation to feminist critical theory. Three sources are provided for further reading.