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Feminist Theory Paper

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I have to write a paper on Feminism, feminist sociology, and feminist theorist by addressing the following:
Deconstructing gender;equality; Whose knowledge?
Power, Personhood equals subjectivity versus objectivity.
Social constructs of gender. Doing gender. Problemjatizing gender.

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On Feminist Theory

What is feminism? What is feminist theory? Is it a broad spectrum of study or is it something simpler, something anchored in a narrow ideal? Feminism, simply put is a movement. Its purpose is to put forward gender equality and defend, explore, and establish feminine equality vis-a-vis that of the established masculine in political, social, and economic opportunities and activities. In this movement, it is assumed that society in general is patriarchal and the social structures, as well as systems in place, follow a design that stems from masculine ideals and forwards, first and foremost, masculine interest. The dividing line here is gender - feminism seeks to empower women and 'correct' the unequal representation and access to opportunities which, to women and those that support the movement, appears unfair. Thus, it overlaps the concern for women's rights where the focus is feminine issues. The aim, in the end, is gender equality. Many feminists believe that feminine liberation will also be beneficial to men as it will negate sexism. Because of the broad concern of the movement, it is therefore not a narrow subject of study. The discourse and paradigms built around it are complex because women's issues and concerns are.

Now, feminist theory is feminism in philosophical and theoretical discourse. Its aim is to explore and understand gender equality. The role, function, and place of women in society are of great interest and lived experience as well as gender politics plays into this. Thus, feminist theory is a subject of interest in varied social scientific disciplines - i.e. anthropology, sociology, history, economics, psychology, the humanities via literary criticism and critical philosophy. Now, for the purpose of this exploration, I have been selective in exploring only the key concerns and aspects of feminist theory to focus the discussion. I would like to first start from a historical perspective. The clamor for gender equality has been felt in the academic and intellectual circles since the 18th century, especially ...

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