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Comparing Reality Therapy and Feminist Therapy

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Compare and contrast reality therapy and feminist therapy. Please address the following:

Key concepts/unique attributes

- Historical/contextual development of the theory (if relevant)
- Role of the therapist
-Research support for the theory

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Compare and contrast reality therapy and feminist therapy. Please address the following:

(1) Feminist Therapy

Feminists challenge assumptions of traditional psychotherapy on the basis that approaches to individual and family therapy are conducted apart from political and social contexts. Additionally, most traditional approaches utilize andocentric models that are biased toward women. On this basis, feminists challenge male-oriented assumptions of what constitutes a mentally-ill individual and challenge negative assumptions concerning culture (Corey, 2005). For instance, according to Corey, the Feminist analysis of males on male violence draws attention to the sociopolitical history of oppression and control of women. The feminist's view of human nature is that women and men are socialized differently.

(1) Key concepts
Some key concepts associated with the Feminist theory are presented as key concepts associated with Feminist therapy
(i) Feminist theory focuses on a life-span perspective in which personality and behavior change.
(ii) The theory proposes a liberating philosophy for men and women.
(iii) Feminist theory holds gender as central to therapeutic practice
(iv) The theory explains differences in the behavior of women and men in terms of socialization processes.
(v) Feminist theory utilizes a multicultural approach that applies equally to individuals and groups regardless of age, race, culture, religion, gender, ability, or sexual orientation (Corey, 2005, pp. 346-347.

(2) Historical/contextual development of the theory (if relevant)

Feminist therapy has grassroots origins in response to the growing challenges encountered by women. According to Corey (2005), no one individual is credited with the development of Feminist therapists. He asserts that the origins of Feminist therapy can be traced to the women' movement of the 60's and 70's, as women sought to break from role defined constraints and attitudes. Thus, as Corey notes, research emerged ...

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