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    Feminist, Solution-Focused, and Narrative Therapies

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    Compare and contrast Feminist, Solution-Focused, and Narrative therapies

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    In order to compare and contrast these different therapies, it's important to clearly understand each. First, I will provide you will an explanation of each therapy. Following, I will discuss the similarities and differences between them.

    Feminist Therapy:
    Background: Feminist therapy is different from other forms of therapy since it focuses on the "power differences between men and women and how that differential impacts on both men's and women's behavior." (Dutton-Douglas & Walker, 1988, p.3).

    Basic Premises:
    ? Assumes that the "personal is political". In other words, the women's circumstances reflect where they are in society.
    ? Symptoms (depression, anxiety, etc...) are the result of 1) traditional feminist roles, or conflicts because of those roles, 2) survival tactics (a way of exercising personal power), and/or 3) illogical labels that society has assigned to a women's behaviors in an effort to exert social control.
    ? Striving for an Egalitarian Relationship: Those who practice feminist therapy understand the power differential between client and counselor. Therefore, the counselor strives to equalize the relationship by creating a "power with" collaborative relationship instead of a "power over" one.
    ? Avoiding Labels: The feminist therapist will avoid the use of labels that pathologize a client's symptoms. Consequently, they avoid traditional assessment and diagnosis.
    ? Avoiding Revictimization: Feminist therapists use a strengths-based approach to treatment. They avoid blaming women for their problems. Instead they will focus on the women's strengths and what they can do about a situation.
    ? Involvement in Social Action: Feminist counselors believe that a woman is successful when they are social and political activists.

    Background: Solution-Focused Therapy is considered a ...

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    The following document compares and contrasts the following therapies: feminist, solution-focused, and narrative. Described is the basic background, premises, and techniques for each.