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    Feminist Interventions and Issues of Diversity

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    Feminist View (article review)

    Research a professional journal article that address feminism within the context of a reported intervention.

    -Summarize the article or articles, noting the main points.
    - With what do you agree and disagree? Discuss any cultural bias you noted on the part of the therapist or ways in which the therapist appeared to have avoided bias.
    -How can an awareness of these ideas and issues be beneficial to your clinical work?

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    ? Summarize the article or articles, noting the main points.

    Feminists challenge assumptions of traditional psychotherapy on the basis that these approaches to individual and family therapy are conducted apart from political and social contexts. Additionally, they also critique traditional approaches to personality and therapy as androcentric, and biased toward women as reflected in the folowing two articles.

    Weaver (2008) presents a study focused on initiating change in men who are violent towards women. The article highlights the ineffectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral (CB) models that challenge perpetrator programs in the UK. Thus, Weaver draws on Gadd's (2004) critique of Cognitive-behavioral techniques for failing to address the denials that underlie some men's violence toward women (e.g., masculine identity). Further, Weaver (2008) criticizes program based on "Pro-feminist CB models that address male violence toward women. Weaver's argument is based on limitations within these models such as: (a) the behavioral approach is reflective of a "manageralist" culture of the criminal justice system, (b) CB models are incompatible with basic tenets of Feminist therapies [e.g., egalitarian, inclusive) relationships, and (c) CB therapy does not promote moral agency and socially responsible behavior. Despite these limitations, according to Weaver, the CB approach is widely used as an intervention to treat male violence. she argues that this ...

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    This solution discuss Feminists. assumptions of traditional psychotherapy. Feminist views on model of traditonal therapeutic interventins including Family and Personality psychotherapeutic model are examined.