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Shortcomings of family violence research

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From a feminist perspective, what are the shortcomings of family violence research?

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In the first place, the article clearly revealed that the overall social position of women (Todd.S &Lundy. C 358) in society, which is still sadly much more inferior to men economically, socially, and politically, was also often attributed to the shortcomings. Inequalities that women face when "...interlocked with racism, colonialism, and class exploitation" (Todd.S &Lundy. C 328) further limited them from receiving the necessary help that they deserve and need within these interventions. Societal "patriarchy and gender inequality" (Todd.S &Lundy. C 340) reflected other evident reasons why many programs still fail and many interventions are still inadequate.

Experts further suggested that political agendas and political cutbacks (Todd.S &Lundy. C 360), especially in the form of "insider-outsider partnerships" (Todd.S &Lundy. C 352), ...

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Shortcomings of family violence research are briefly determined using the attached articles in 500 words.

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