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Critical Evaluation

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Write a Critical Evaluation of a Research Article that deals with Domestic Violence and do a a brief description of the article and follow a systematic approach.

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// Before discussing the actual requirements of the paper, an introduction is given below to explain what will be actually described in the paper. After the introduction, there is another point that explains what is the author trying to explain in the research article //


Domestic Violence is something in which anyone can be victimized but here the discussion is based on the domestic violence by women. Here we will critically review the research by gaining knowledge of what the negative and positive areas in the research.

Author's viewpoint

The author Murray A. Straus has done research on domestic violence by women particularly in US, which is untouched by any of the researchers. The authors have considered both outside and inside the family situations to understand the amount of violence by women comparing with men in view of harmful and harmless assaults. The authors have covered each and every aspect and have come to the conclusion that domestic violence is done by men and women equally but with harmless assaults. They have come to a conclusion that neither of the party is motivated to compromise and resolve the violence related situations ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 802 words with references.

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