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    Evaluation of an idea or person

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    Discussing evaluation and being evaluated are very different. Evaluating an idea and evaluating a person are different as well.

    What are the differences between writing an evaluative essay and writing an evaluation for an employee? What are the similarities?

    How does the business of evaluation contrast with the art of evaluation? What are the differences in your expectations if you are reading an evaluation of yourself or reading an evaluation of an idea? How should the writing differ?

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    Judging and being judged is the basics behind evaluation. There are many aspects to evaluation. Evaluation requires a keen eye where the evaluator is sure to note critique and aspects of improvement. When being evaluated, a person must take into account that it is being done with the intention of assistance and not to be critical. The importance of being evaluated is to gain insight into other's perception. It allows the evaluated to learn some faults and some strengths.

    When evaluating an idea, a person is able to be more critical; a person's feelings do not need to be taken into account. However, when evaluating a person, constructive criticism is the goal. Evaluating an idea allows the evaluator to ...

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    Evaluating a person and evaluating an idea requires altering approaches. This solution serves to explore the different components involved in these types of evaluations. Additionally, this solution discusses the aspect of judging others and yourself. It serves as a general approach to the different methods of viewing and offering constructive criticism.