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Diversity and Sexual Harassment

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HRM 510 Business Employment Law
Week 5 Discussion 1

1.) it is often recommended that managers be evaluated and rewarded in significant part on the basis of their commitment to diversity. Is this a good idea? Can commitment to diversity be measured apart from numbers of women or people of color hired and promoted?

Week 5 Discussion 2

1.) What should an employer do if an investigation of a sexual harassment complaint produces inconclusive results? Under what circumstances is termination of a harasser the appropriate remedy?

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Managers can have a criterion in their performance evaluation that addresses commitment to diversity. There must be measurable metrics that can objectively evaluate the managers' commitment to diversity. However, "significant part" is not reasonable. A manager must be evaluated and rewarded in significant part on his performance relating to the goals of business. These goals are related to production, sales, and profits. The manager is employed in the first place to achieve the business goals of the organization. A company which does not achieve its business goals goes into liquidation. Its commitment to diversity will be of no use. ...

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This solution explains employment issues of diversity and sexual harassment. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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