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    Leadership and Meeting Quality

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    Please see attachment. Make a check mark next to any effective behaviours used by the leader at a meeting you have attend. In a one page double space report analyzing the meeting using theories/concepts such as characteristics of a leader and traits. Please do not write report in first person. Please be clear, concise, and complete. It's about quality not quantity. You can use a meeting you have attended I am just basically looking at formatting.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

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    Since you are basically looking for format, let's look at one approach to consider, mainly incorporating the effective behaviors from the chart and explaining these behaviors using concepts and theories of leadership. As all academic papers, even short one-page paper, there should be an introduction, body and conclusion.


    First, the assignment asks you to check the following effective behaviors that the leader demonstrated. Let's assume the leader demonstrated the following behavioral characteristics.

    · Clearly explains the purpose of the meeting and required preparations.
    · Describes the problem without describing the cause or solution.
    · Shares essential information with the group members.
    · Allows ample time for idea generation without immediate evaluation.
    · Encourages and facilitates participation of all group members.
    · Keeps the discussion focused on the purpose or objective.
    · Uses systematic procedures for evaluation of proposed solutions.
    · Clarifies communication and summarizes progress in a timely way.
    · Encourages an integrative win-win solution if there is conflict.
    · Clarifies membership responsibilities for implementation (from attached resource)

    The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the leader's behavior in terms of the ten leadership behavior checklist and then explain the behavior in terms of leadership concepts and ...

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    This solution considers the leadership qualities in the cheklist in evaluating the quality of leadership and the leader at a meeting attended. It also provides a format for reporting the quality of a meeting and things to consider in this type of analysis.