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Leadership SWOT analysis

Leadership self-assessment with a minimum of ten (10) variables.

Create a chart with leadership qualities, skills and styles identifying your strengths and weaknesses or a SWOT analysis for a transformational/charismatic leader. Use SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound) goals to depict how you will implement your action plan.

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- Communicate effectively verbally and in written communication
- Detail oriented
- Personable and people focused
- Able to interact with all levels of organization
- Creative
- Visionary
- Enthusiastic


- Gets bogged down with people and not tasks
- Too much flexibility in task and project scheduling
- Not always task oriented
- Strong willed
- Find it difficult to deal with authority
- Likes to control during crisis situations
- Expects people to work with same enthusiasm and commitment

For this person, the strengths are what is necessary to meet goals for transformation ...

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A leadership self-assessment with a minimum of ten variables are examined.