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Jack Welch's eight essential rules for great leadership

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Part one: Self-Assessment: Your Current Leadership Activities

Question 1:
Think about your behavior during the last 90 days and assess how often you already follow the Eight Essential Rules.

Part two: Discussion: Examples of Great Leaders
Consider examples from your life and discuss the following:

Question 1:
Describe examples of great leadership from your life.

Question 2:
What are some of the specific actions and behaviors you observe in great leaders?

Question 3:
How do great leaders demonstrate the leadership mindset and focus on their teams?

Part three: Application Activity: Shifting to a Leadership Mindset

Question 1:
Think about the priorities and activities you are pursuing with your team. Are you already demonstrating a leadership mindset? If so, how?

Question 2:
If not, can you suggest specific ways you can shift to a leadership mindset?

Question 3:
What can you do in addition to, or instead of, the activities you have in progress?

Question 4:
Choose at least one aspect of your current project where you will shift your focus onto your people. How will you make it about them, not about you?

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Question 1: Think about your behavior during the last 90 days and assess how often you already follow the Eight Essential Rules.
Depending on the individual's mindset in performance output, the last 90 days reflects a more personal assessment that requires observation in following the eight essential rules. For instance, in the observation several tools can assists in noting if the behavior indicated a willingness to demonstrate proper leadership traits (a) journal (b) feedback (c) progress on prior difficult matters (d) learning from mistakes (e) productive choices. In the entire objective is to track your progress in 90 days for properly assessing if the measure of goals met accordingly to the "Eight Essential Rules" to delivering the results desired. Keep in mind, the personal assessment in following the listed (a thru e) self-examination during experiences to dictating an overall, improvement factor.

Consider the evaluation as rating your progress level to reaching 100% by the end of the 90 days in incorporating the Eight Essential Rules, in which, the phases in observation will either support or decline in meeting goals. Remember the essential rules allow for proficiency and consistently in demonstrating leadership behavior thorough the areas of focus, such as, the overall output in (c thru e).

--Part two: Discussion: Examples of Great Leaders consider examples from your life and discuss the following: Question 1: Describe examples of great leadership from your life.

Again, the personal preference on great leaders depends on the individual, such as, CEOs of major corporations that supports your values and beliefs. In doing so, the great leaders most often demonstrate similar traits that supports the overall mission towards leading more effectively in all areas interacting with others. For instance, the great leadership roles by honing on others leaders comparative your own life relates towards effective communication, exceptional interpersonal skills, and proficient decision making. By far, in theory, the level of decision making is imperative to hindering on proactively taking on tasks that major risks requires patience, calmness, analytical, and influential means to delivering results. In doing so, the leadership is not only having ...

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The review into leadership performance by using essential rules for great leadership.

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