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    Leadership of GE

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    GE has become one of the most admired companies in the U.S. Search the Internet for information about Jack Welch and his management style.

    Just want your opinion:

    Is Jack Welch's style of leadership effective in today's business environment?

    Examine the impact of this management style on GE and its people. If you were in Jack Welch's shoes, what would you have done differently and why?

    Suggest an alternative style of leadership which can work well in a company such as GE. Why do you think this style would work?

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    Hello. It seems that your response will require just opinion. I provide the following information to assist you in your formation.

    Is Jack Welch's style of leadership effective in today's business environment?

    I believe that his leadership style is effective in today's business environment. Is honest and upfront with his employees. He seems to challenge them in every aspect, he met with them on a regular basis to discuss problems and concerns. This type of leadership style, I believe, would be effective in any business environment as it promotes growth and honesty.

    "He does it through sheer force of personality, coupled with an unbridled passion for winning the game of business and a keen attention to details many chieftains would simply overlook. He does it because he encourages near-brutal candor in the meetings he holds to guide the company through each work year. And he does it because, above all else, he's a ...

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