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Organizational Behavior - Transformational Leadership

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Give examples of how a company used transformational leadership to solve issues in the organization.

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Transformational Leadership
James Mac Gregor Burns first introduced the concept of transformational leadership in his book Leadership (1978). He described it not as a set of specific behaviors, but rather an ongoing process by which "leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation.
Transformational leadership is an energetic management style that allows charismatic leaders to motivate employees through various methods. Effective transformational leadership results in increased performance of the employees and the organization. Persistent transformational leadership helps organization to have more motivated and more productive employees and increased organizational effectiveness. According to Hesselbein and Cohen (1999, p. 263), organizations that take the time to teach leadership are far ahead of the competition.
Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Churchill, JFK, Martin Luther King are classic example transformational leaders .With the help of transformational leadership business flourish in the long term.
Let's take an example of General Electric where transformational leadership changed the future of the company and gave new direction GE.
General Electric:
GE is a global company involved in the manufacturing and production of thousands of the products. It needed a push to grow and stand in ...

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