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Transformational and transactional leadership comparisons

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I need some thoughts and notes on discussing the relationship between transformational and transactional leadership. Comparing and contrasting the two. Examples with current research.

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When briefly comparing the two, it appears as if both aim to ignite change and inspiration. Similarly, both emphasize the role of collaboration and cooperation. However, it seems like Transactional Leadership is a bit more leader-driven, as it is primarily based upon exchanges between leaders and group members, whereby the leader offers both resources and rewards in exchange for workers' motivation, productivity, goal achievements, and compliance. It also seems like Transactional Leadership is a bit more rigid as it focuses on regulatory strategies and procedures (121), as the article maintains.

In particular, the article further reiterates, "Transactional leadership focuses on the exchanges that occur between leaders and followers (Bass 1985; 1990; 2000; 2008; Burns, 1978). These exchanges allow leaders to ...

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One article is presented to briefly explicate the relationship between transformational and transactional leadership in 500 words. An attempt is made to compare and contrast the two in basic terms and aims.

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