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Transformational and Transactional Leadership

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Discuss the relationship between transformational and transactional leadership. Be specific as you compare and contrast these concepts. Please use APA 5th edition guidelines for in-text citations and reference list.

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Please see response below, and two attached articles that also discuss the two types of leadership styles. I hope this helps and take care.



Interesting assignment! I wonder if you have researched the two leadership styles yet. I found some interesting articles which I attached.

Let's take a closer look at the two leadership styles through comparing and contrasting, which you can draw on for your final copy. You might also want to consider the two articles.

There are primary differences between Transformational and Transactional Leadership. For example, the Transformational Leader builds and instills vision based on organizational values. S/he enjoys good relationships with subordinates, the leader contributes more, employees exert greater efforts for leader, and the leaders and followers raise one another to higher level of motivation and morality. ...

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This solution compares and contrasts the relationship between transformational and transactional leadership. Extra resources on leadership styles are also provided, including two links updated April 2, 2009. APA format.

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Select two leaders (from the US or international) who you consider to be examples of transactional and transformational leadership. Conduct independent research on these individuals and create a profile that addresses the following:
- What makes one leader transactional and the other transformational?
- What added value does each bring to their organizations?
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