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    Company Analysis and Questions, General Electric (GE)

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    I need help with a company analysis and questions, General Electric (GE).
    What strategies led GE's longevity? And, how GE survived for over 100 years?
    What are some of the economic reasons for its success?
    What is the GE's value and work at maintaining long-term relationships with its employees, customers, suppliers, other business partners and local communities?
    Do old companies scored higher in every aspect of developing future leaders and successful business plannings?

    It has to have at least two reliable sources and a brief synopsis please! Thanks.

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    One of the primary strategies that have led to GE's longevity is the fact that GE focuses on providing high quality services on a continuous basis to its customers, as well as the fact of engaging in a continuous marketing campaign in which it's good to services are constantly within the public eye. The strategies that have led to GE's longevity and a survival for over 100 years have also included ensuring that the organization has always had leadership that was highly knowledgeable within this industry, has had a track record of high performance in leadership positions before being selected for leadership within GE, leadership that is respectful of staff member needs, is proactive and taking advantage of opportunities for the organization's advancement, and that is highly disciplined and organized. These strategies also include the willingness of the organization to consistently analyze the internal and external conditions that could have an effect on the organization, the development of a detailed plan of ...