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Five Forces Porter Analysis of General Electric

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I need a five forces (Porter) analysis of General Electric. I am having trouble because of GE's size.... is a Porter Analysis even appropriate with a conglomerate like GE?

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Even though GE is a conglomerate it competes in several industries. A Porter's analysis can be done in each of these industries. The markets in which GE operates include generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, medical imaging equipment, motors, railway locomotives, aircraft jet engines, and aviation services. Technically Porter's analysis should be done in each of these industries.

However, since more than half of GE's revenue is derived from financial services, we do an analysis in the financial services industry.

1. There is strong rivalry in the financial services industry. The direct competitor of General Electric is the Citigroup. Other competitors include the Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Wachovia Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, and the Washington Mutual Bank. General Electric is a global competitor in financial services, active in more than 50 countries around the world. It is offering attractive card, banking, and loans to consumers. ...

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