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    Competitors, Emotional Buying, Target Market and Strategies

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    What are your impressions of the General Electric brand and how the company's products differ from those offered by competitors?

    2. What is emotional buying?

    3. Discuss the GE Monogram and Profile lines? Who is the target market for such products?

    4. What strategies is GE using to maintain its place in the market?

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    Company profile

    General Electric Company (GE) based in Fairfield Connecticut and founded in 1892 is the thirteenth largest company in the world making $11 billion of pure profits (Brand Direction, 2011). The company operates as a service, finance and technology company worldwide providing energy products and equipments, healthcare equipments, technology solutions in the transport sector, home and business electrical equipments, and financial solutions. The home and business electrical equipments often operate under the GE profile, GE Monogram, GE, GE café and hot point brand names. Several of GE brands offer several distinct designs to complement a variety of preferences and needs of the market.

    Impressions of the General Electric brand

    My impression of the general Electric brand is that it is reliable, high quality and prestigious brand. With its various brand names to concentrate on varied market tastes one can be able to get whatever preference they want from modern style to classical products. I also have the impression that there products are safe to work with and they are dependable. The products though are not quick responders to changes in technology.

    General Electric products though differ significantly from those offered by its competitors in that it exudes prestige and are longer lasting. At the lower end though there are little differentiations of the products which makes them old style ...

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    The solution discusses competitors, emotional buying, target market and strategies.