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    Selling mobility products in China

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    I need help developing a 15-to 20-slide (plus one reference slide) Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker's notes that analyzes my chosen international business opportunity (importing/selling mobility products, such as walkers & wheelchairs in China). It must include at least 3 resources and follow the outline below.

    ? Introduction
    ? Description of product to be exported
    ? Characteristics of target market
    o GNP/capita
    o GNP/capita growth rate
    o Size of market
    ? Market screening
    o Basic need potential
    o Exchange rate trends
    o Import restrictions
    o Price controls
    o Government and public attitude toward buying American products
    o Size, number, and financial strength of competitors
    o Sociocultural forces
    - Attitudes and beliefs
    - Languages
    - Education
    ? Export marketing strategies
    o Promotion methods
    ? Conclusion.

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