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Importing a product to China

Please help me so that I can:
Create a 15-20 slide with speaker notes analyzing why parabolic trough solar systems would be a good product to import to China. Include at least 3 resources.

It should include
description of target market
**GNP/capita growth rate
**Size of market

Market screening
*Basic need potential
*Exchange rate trends
*Import restrictions
*Price controls
*Government and public attitude toward buying american products
*Size, number, and financial strength of competitors

Sociocultural forces
*Attitudes and beliefs

Export market strategies
*promotion methods


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I have completed a PP presentation for you, up to a point. You will need to add information you gather, pertinent information ...

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This is a powerpoint based on importing a product into China. The product here is the solar trough systems. The PP includes strategies, needs, how to approach government regulations and sociolcultural mores.