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Trade between China and United States

Discuss the following risks for doing importing goods into the United States from China:

1. Competitive risk assessment
2. Market risks (4 Ps)
3. Taxation and double taxation risks

Then Describe how you would manage these risks

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The competitive risks of importation of products from China are more in the realm of quality and trust than in any truly competitive risk. There is little or no risk of gaining lower wage problems and the price of creating and manufacturing in China still remains lower than in most other places in the world. The Chinese government has been accused of pressuring the yuan low to keep competitive pricing from becoming a problem. The United States as you example is not close to being able to product the risk factors of better competition in manufacturing and labor.

The four p's, product, placement, promotion and price are among the most competitive ...

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A discussion on the trade risk, market risks (using 4 Ps) and taxation and how to manage these risks. The trade is between the United States and China.