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    Foreign Trade Financing Between China And The US

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    What are the main products traded between your country (in this case, China) and the U.S.?
    What are some of the major issues involved in financing trade between your country (China) and the U.S.?
    Based on analysis and findings, what would you recommend to American companies? How can American companies protect themselves against not being paid?

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    Financing trade between the US and China

    China depends on the US for capital goods, such as the equipment needed for manufacturing machinery and electronics. In addition, it procures medical equipment, power generation equipment, iron and steel, pulp & paperboard, chemicals, vehicles, etc.

    US imports apparel, toys, games, plastic articles, leather, travel goods, footwear, machinery and ...

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    This solution provides a 200-word explanation describing the current trade situation between the United States in China, including what the most commonly traded products are, issues encountered by both sides, and how American companies can best take advantage of China's growing market and protect themselves from financial losses.