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    private brands

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    1) How buyers work with private brand.
    2) Relate the different marketing concepts
    3) How target marketing influences buying
    4) How target markets are developed
    5) What are the retail strategy different markets utilize
    6) How do competitors influence buying decisions

    total response about 400 words, 2 references

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    Buying Function

    1) How buyers work with private brand.
    Buyers work with private brands by first clarifying the need for the product. Finding information on the product; Listing and evaluating alternative products, then based on that information, evaluating the uses and benefits, they purchase the product they feel is best. In case of industrial buying there may be a formal tender floated.
    2) Relate the different marketing concepts
    Buying function relates to the different marketing concepts. The quality of the inputs affects the quality of product made and so its positioning. The cost at which purchasing is done affects the pricing and profitability of the product. If the buying function is centralized it must be distributed to different manufacturing facilities. The buying function in an indirect manner affects the distribution of the product. Finally, the purchasing decision affects how the product will be promoted. If ...

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