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Target marketing/Segmentation

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1. Private labels - Do you agree that private brand labels are as good as the name brand? (No less than 100 words. Include in-text citations and complete citations of reference used.)

2. Do you know where your favorite brands come from? Where and how are they made or provided? Do you think knowing these answers would affect your perceptions of quality or satisfaction? (No less than 200 words. Include in-text citations and complete citations of reference used.)

3. Launching a new product launch: Nike Sneakers with wireless AM/FM radio, and Bluetooth capability, could please detail the target market profiles, key buying behaviors, and decision motivators for your organizational (not consumer) target markets. (No less than 250 words. Include in-text citations and complete citations of reference used.)

4. What do your favorite stores do that encourages your loyalty? What do you like about the in-store experience? What further improvements could they make? (No less than 200 words. Include in-text citations and complete citations of reference used.)

5. On diffusion of new products, what factors are included? (No less than 100 words. Include in-text citations and complete citations of reference used.)

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Step 1
I do not agree that private brands are as good as name brands. Name brands are owned by large companies most of which are public corporations and they have a wide responsibility (a). The name brands have performance levels that comply with high standards, they have features that provide value to the user, and are reliable. Name brands go through extensive testing and compliance with standards. Name brands have high durability, serviceability, and conformance with specified standards. In contrast, private brands have good perceived quality and focus on low cost. In groceries, private brands have become popular because of recession but the quality of name brands is superior to private brands.

Step 2
Some of my favorite brands come from Kraft Foods. Kraft Foods makes its products in one of its several manufacturing facilities. For example, Oscar Mayer, Lunchable Lunch Combinations, and Claussen products are made at Madison manufacturing plant. Some of the other Kraft food products are made at multiple manufacturing locations. In the production code placed on the products plant origins and product traceability are mentioned. The products are made at every facility are produced to specifications with oversight and quality control.
The products at Kraft have allergen control, must obtain certificate of analysis, certificates and documents, and have quality audits. There is close conformance to customer specifications, control over chemical contamination, and responsiveness to customer complaints. There is careful design safety analysis, foreign materials controls, and delivery. The fact that Kraft has a comprehensive quality program ...

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