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segmentation processes of the Target Corporation

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Analyze the segmentation processes of a company. Knows how to tailor products to the segments a company has chosen to serve to accommodate a product to a global environment.

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This paper is about the process of segmentation in context of the given company. The segmentation is a process where a marketer identifies a target segment within a market in order to fulfill the needs of those customers with the newly launched product or service.


Segmentation process is a general and commonly used marketing term. It refers to the segmentation of a market where a product or a service is to be marketed. Any company, which is either newly entering in the market or already existing but expanding its market, uses segmentation as a general process to reach to the target customers. Segmentation is an integral part of the marketing strategies that are prepared to grab the opportunities offered by a market. The overall process of marketing is based on STP or Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning, where segmenting is the initial stage to identify a target segment in a broader market. Targeting is the activity of designing the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 637 words with references.

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