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Jack Welch

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I need an example from business or government in which the use of the right approach worked well or the use of the wrong approach proved to be disasterous. Analyze the example from a "Contingency" perspective. What role did situational factors play in the success or failure. APA Format

Guidance: The Art and Science of Leadership- Bratton/Grint/Nelson
Ch.7 Contingency Theories Of Leadership

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The example is from business which is the use of the right approach that worked well. The leadership is that of Jack Welch. This is a story of the right approach and it worked well because in the year 1980 a year before Welch became the CEO of GE, the market value of GE was $14 billion and the market value of GE rose to $410 in 2004 after Welch left the company. Welch was named the manager of the century by the Fortune magazine.

From the perspective of contingency theory, the leader needs to adopt the most suitable way of managing, moreover, the design of the company and its subsystems should 'fit' with the environment and effective organizations must fit with the environment as ...

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Bartlett, Christopher A., and Meg Wozny. "GE's Two-Decade Transformation: Jack Welch's Leadership." Harvard Business School Case 399-150, April 1999. (Revised May 2005.)

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