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What's My Leadership Style?

Using your "What's My Leadership Style" score, identify one aspect of your current leadership style that you must change in order to fit into your leadership style on your score. Use cited references to support your findings.

My Scores are:

Concern for People is: 10
Concern for Task is : 12

Anything 10 or higher is considered high.

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Leadership is imperative to leading the organizations to reaching set goals for improved competitiveness and influencing employees to performing well. In the assessment of your score, the fundamentals skills and approach is on target for leading effectively within an organization. Let's take a look at each target score indicated.

Concern for People is: 10

In business, the art of interpersonal skills are vital to sustaining the motivation of employees to focusing on key job tasks that meets productivity and quality levels. With a score 10, the analysis indicates an ability to interact with diverse work teams with effective communication that influence employees for higher performance outcomes. ...

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