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    Leadership: Impacts of a leadership topic of personal interest.

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    Impacts of a leadership topic of personal interest. You are to prepare a research report on the impact that a specific "state-of-the-art" leadership topic that you find of particular interest for your personal development. Select a topic that is having, or is likely to have, on you and your future. You paper should use a heading for each section for easy reading. The bolded terms in the rest of this document are recommended headings for your project paper. Your paper should contain the following sections:

    An abstract of 100 words that summarizes the topic clearly
    The main body of the report

    - An interesting introduction to the main topic in the report
    - Description of how you believe you will be personally influence by the topic. Briefly trace the development of your interest the topic. What aspect of your life (career, family, wealth, retirement, etc. ) will be impacted
    - Citations of references to at least six articles related to the topic and/or to your interest.
    - A logical flow of thought linked to what you have found with reference to the topic
    - **Summary of the potential influence of the topic on the lives of others
    - **Parenthetical citations throughout the text using APA style bibliography of references cited at the end of the report using
    APA style, with no fewer than six references

    - Overall writing skills including clarity, use of suggested headings, consistency in format and style use, organization, free of spelling and grammar mistakes
    - The final paper should include whatever diagrams and appendices you feel are appropriate.

    Note: The assignment should be in APA style, include references (a minimum six >>>>>>> non-internet <<<<<<<< references (e.g. academic journals, book, professional publications) in addition to any internet resources they may use), and a bibliography. The assignment should show that you clearly have the ability to conduct research, cite sources to support arguments and write in a coherent, organized fashion.

    Thank you.

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    Participative Leadership Style and its Role in Personal Development


    This research paper explains participative leadership style and its influence on the personal development. This paper will give a proper knowledge of how participative styles play an important role in the personal development. Firstly, this researcher paper will provide a detail explanation of participative leadership style and its importance. After this, the paper will give information about the influence of participative leadership style on personal development with the help of some examples of effective and powerful leaders.

    At last, the paper will provide knowledge about the potential influence of leadership on lives of other people and their development. With the help of the conclusion, the readers would be able to wind up the research paper.

    Introduction: Participative Leadership Style

    Leadership can be defined as the process of influencing the behavior of others to work eagerly and passionately for achieving the predetermined goals. Leadership shows a continuous aspect of behavior. Cogliser & Schriesheim (2000) has stated in their articles that a leader is supposed to use the coercive force so that the followers abide by the instructions of the leader. According to Eriksson, Jansson, Haglund & Axelsson (2008) leadership is not regarded as a person; it is rather considered as a set of behaviors that facilitate a group in achieving its goals. Any member can participate and perform the leadership behaviors.

    It has been evaluated by many researchers that leadership style is completely different with the management styles. Power orientation approach of leadership styles is mainly based on the degree of authority, which a leader uses in influencing of his subordinates. Based on the degree of use of power, mainly leadership styles are autocratic leadership, participative leadership and free-rein leadership styles (Harrell, 2003).

    Robbins & Sanghi (2007) asserted participative leadership may be described as the relationship in which a person, or a leader, influences others to work together willingly on related tasks to attain that which the leader desire. It is the inter-personal influence, exercised in the situation and directed, through the communication process, towards the attainment of a specified goal or goals (Yukl, 2002).

    Additionally, it can be explained that participative Leadership is concerned with the vision while keeping the mission in view. In leaders, power is derived from right principles and values. Apart from this, the main aspect of the leadership is to encourage and motivate people to work in tandem with the common goals (Somech, 2003).

    Yet again, participative leadership entails a liaison of power to guide others by giving them freedom of contribution in the decision making process. Harrell (2003) explained the effectiveness of leadership is sometimes maintained by the process of natural succession as per the set rules, regulations and also by the application of brute force.

    This kind of leadership style is also known as consultative, ideographic, or democratic because a follower involves in this with their mental and emotional intention. According to the article given by Somech (2002) a participative leadership decentralizes his decision making process. Participative leadership proposes that an effective leader decentralize the process of leadership and seek for the participation from his followers (Wu, 2006).

    Not only this, the subordinated are always kept informed ...

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