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Leadership Speech Analysis

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Access and view the Leadership Speech Analysis video (linked below). Use the drop-down analysis menu to view certain points about the speaker's performance. Analyze the speaker's two presentations and identify how the interest was impacted by each presentation. How did you react to each speech? In a one-page letter to the speaker, write a personal message addressing his presentation skills and explain to the speaker how the two different styles affected your attitude toward the task. Offer suggestions about which style would be more successful at communicating the desired message to employees in such a way that they hear it as well as understand it. This letter should be written as a personal communication, so first-person voice is appropriate, and should be submitted using proper letter-writing format.

Here is the website to view the video:

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The solution discusses the leadership speech analysis.

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Please see the attached file for the properly formatted letter and fill out the necessary information (name, date, etc.).

The letter is as follows:

[Your name here]

Mr./Mrs. [Leadership Speaker]
Via [email]
Re: Analysis of two presentations

Dear [Sir/Madam]:
Please allow this correspondence to serve as an introduction. My name is (put your name here). Today I write you to ...

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