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    Contrasts Between Pres. Carter and Reagan

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    1. How do the two documents illustrate the differences between the leadership styles of Reagan and Carter?

    Each speech cites experiences or opinions of supposedly typical Americans; compare and contrast the use of these examples.

    2. The America described by Reagan in 1986 was very different from that described by Carter in 1979; had America truly changed that much?

    3. Had Reagan restored national confidence through rhetoric or through long-term solutions to difficult problems?

    4. In light of the state of the nation and the world in the early 1990s, which speech was more realistic? Which was more prophetic?"

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    The two documents give a vivid illustration of the different leadership styles of Reagan and Carter. President Carter's leadership style seemed to be more introspective, in that this president spoke to the hearts and minds of the people in a manner that would hopefully persuade them to conduct a self analysis, in regards to their commitment to the American ideal. President Carter made it abundantly clear that the biggest threat to the democratic ideals of America, were not from outside influences as much as they were from internal self-doubt within the American people. President Carter seemed to emphasize that the will and dedication of the people to faithfully pursue a better future for the nation, would be critical to the success and prosperity of America.

    President Reagan's leadership style was more true to form to his cowboy persona, which was at its peak during his time on the big screen. ...