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    Review of Bush's Post

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    Bush's Post - 911 Speech
    Your commentary and analysis should be approximately 800 to 1000 words of critical analysis on the speech.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 800 words with references

    //Terrorist attacks have grabbed the whole world and still there are no perfect measures to overcome this mounting problem. While writing this paper, we will firstly focus on the speech that was delivered by Mr. Bush on 9/11 attack, following the critical analysis of the whole speech, as what is required to find out a solution to the problem//

    The paper mainly highlights the speech that was given by George W. Bush on the September attack that happened in America. Mr. Bush was addressing the joint session of congress. The speech was delivered by him on 20th September 2001. The people who were present at the time when Mr. Bush was delivering the speech were Mr. Speaker, members of the congress and lastly associate Americans. The whole speech is about the terrorist attack of America and how the people came out of the fear by lending their hands to the people who lost their family members in the disastrous attack (American Rhetoric.com, 2006).

    The people from every part of the world came together and gave their full support by unfurling the flags; lighting up the candles, giving blood to the needy people who survived the attack and saying prayers in different languages, whether in English, Hebrew or in Arabic. The entire union came up together as a strong force against the terrorists. The country is facing terrorism at a rapid pace and it was the congress leadership that ...

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    The expert provides a commentary and analysis for the Bush's Post. The response addresses the queries posted in 800 words with references