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The Influence of George W. Bush on Texans

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Why was George W. Bush influential to texans?

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First off, as you formulate a title, a cool idea might be "Team Texas: The Legacy of President George W. Bush Among Texans."

As you start your paper, I offer a model or formula:

First, an attention getter is needed:

Sample: "While some Americans deem Gandhi, Rosa Parks, John F. Kennedy, or Martin Luther King as their ultimate heroes, George W. Bush strongly exemplifies a state and national icon in his home state of Texas."

Thesis: As you write your game plan, here is a model:

"Based on George W. Bush's charismatic and down home personality, his traditional Southern beliefs, and his conservative political agenda, he is a beloved figure among Texans today based on his presidential legacy and achievements."

Transition: "First of all, George W. Bush's charismatic and down home personality enhanced his public admiration in Texas."

Main Point 1: "George W. Bush's charismatic and down home personality was well received in Texas because of Texans' love for family and community-centered lifestyles and belief systems."

A. Since Texans are tough and loyal by nature, George W. Bush demonstrated these character traits as a president.

B. According to the Cannon article, Bush set the tone for his leadership by showing the Texan work ethic, "What Texans can dream, Texans can do. The Texas mind-set is one of right and wrong, and what should happen once somebody crosses that line: You put compassion aside and the toughness comes out."

C. The Cannon article informs how Bush brought several paintings in the Oval Office as reminders of Texas and Southern life: "One is of ...

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