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Truth Tables

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I don't get how to set up truth tables with the operator symbols. How do I know what operator to put where? Can you help????
a.George Washington was the 20th U.S. President only if Thomas Jefferson played in a band with Britney Spears.

b.Either George W. Bush is the current President and Bill Clinton is his vice-president or Al Gore is the current President and Dick Cheney is his vice-president.

c.It is not the case that either Hilary Clinton married Bill Clinton and George Bush supported war against Iraq unless both Abe Lincoln was assassinated and it is false that Bill Clinton died in office.
d.Lincoln's having written the Gettysburg address is a sufficient condition for George Washington's having been the 5th U.S. President if and only if Ronald Reagan's being assassinated implies that Bill Clinton was the only President to have flown in outer space.

e.It is not the case that World Trade Towers were destroyed on 9/11 unless both the US bombed Iraq in the year 2003 and U.S. President George W. Bush is the son of former U.S.President George Bush, Senior

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