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About Truth Tables

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Using the Internet and other resources define and study Truth Tables. How are Truth Tables used in computer programming? Give a short example. Did you find other areas where Truth Tables are used? Explain.

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Truth tables are mathematical tables used in logic analysis. A truth table consists of logical representations of 1 or more inputs and the equivalent output from the combination of inputs. For example, there are 2 inputs, A and B. When both inputs are 1 (other meanings of 1 are HIGH, TRUE and ON), that is the only time the output F will have an output of 0 (other meanings of 0 are LOW, FALSE and OFF). When we write this in a table:

A | B | F |

0 0 1
0 1 1
1 0 1
1 1 0

From that table, we can formulate the process to produce output F from inputs A and B:
F = A' + B'
where the apostrophe symbol means the complement of the input (complement of 1 is 0 and vice-versa)

Logic mathematics are composed of logic gates, which represent a process in Boolean algebra. ...

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