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Truth Tables

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How do you use truth tables to show if an argument is valid or not???

a.Ray is thinking about his study plans. He thinks: If I don't study, then I won't do well on the test.: Therefore, if I do well, then I have studied. Is Ray's inference valid?
I set it up so that:
S=I study W=I do well on the test
Ray's argument is: valid___ invalid____ because

b.If rainfall is normal, then skiing will be good, because if the winter is not wet, then skiing will not be good, and if rainfall is normal, then the winter
will be wet. Is this a valid argument?
--I set it up so that:
R=Rainfall is normal S=Skiing will be good
W=Winter will be wet
=This argument is: valid___ invalid____ because:

C.If Saddaam is not defeated and the US does not prevail, then the world will not be safe from terrorism. Sadaam is defeated but the US does not prevail. Thus, the world is not safe from terrorism.

--I wasn't really sure what letters should be used on this one...HELP!!!

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