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    The case to go to war with Iraq

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    This is a request to receive guidance on the above case study. I need guidance with the following:
    Identify key ethical decision
    Identify the bureaucratic subsystems and their corresponding values orientation
    Analyze how the organizational structure promoted or disabled ethical values
    Evaluate how ethical theories and the ethical decision-making process impacted the decision making

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    Identify key ethical decision

    The ethical decision was predicated upon false intelligence, cronyism, and neoconservatives who were relics of the first President Bush's presidency and felt that he did not "finish" the job during the first Iraq war by removing Sadaam Hussein. The major players within George W. Bush's presidency such as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield, Paul Wolfowitz, and other significant decision-makers who were the actual drivers of the decision to go to war with Iraq in 2004, were lobbying for the removal of Hussein for over 20 years. They served instrumental roles during George Herbert Walker Bush's tenure, and all of them were lobbying for the removal of Hussein during the first Iraq War. Colin Powell was the only person who was against this during the first war, and he was successful in his pursuit to prevent the removal of Hussein during his tenure as the Chairman Joint Chief of Staffs in the army.

    This created an acrimonious relationship during his tenure as Secretary of State for George W. Bush as the neocons, which included the Vice President (Cheney), Rumsfield, Wolfowitz, and others were all ready to remove Sadaam from power once George W. Bush was given the election after the Florida Supreme Court ruled on the contested election between him and Al Gore ...

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    The case to go to war with Iraq is examined. The expert analyzes how the organizational structure promoted or disabled ethical values.