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    America's Longest War

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    Discuss the legacy from the Vietnam War according to George Herring. Do you feel that the US has learned those lessons? Explain your answer. (600 words)

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    George C. Herring rendition of "America's Longest War" is widely considered to be a balanced, fair, and honest account of the Vietnam War. Many consider his discussion of the legacy of the War to be the quintessential blueprint for how historians should critique and analyze historical events such as wars. This summary will detail the major points highlighted by Herring as the legacy of this war, and whether the United States has learned from these issues. Herring believed that the legacy of the war was it helped to undermine America's position in the world economy, and that it estranged the United States temporarily from the rest of the World (Herring, 1991).

    The overall lasting legacy according to Herring was that the United States erred by attempting to equate the events in Vietnam as well as their intervention to world communism. He believes that the legacy from this war ...

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    The America's longest war is examined. George C. Herring's rendition is provided.