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Nixon and Cold War

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This posting compares Nixon's policies of engagement with foreign policy strategies used during the Cold War.

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As you compare Nixon's policies of engagement with foreign policy strategies used during the Cold War, please allow some of these ideas to guide you in this large topic:

First, you might look at Nixon's goal and ideology in foreign policy as he aimed for a "peace with honor" in the Vietnam War. However, he failed to achieve this goal but did end the war under his leadership. His policies of engagement also aimed to help America's strategic position in the Cold War. While containment and isolation policies often guided foreign policy during the Cold War, Nixon sought a more cooperative relationship with the Soviet Union. He even tried for a diplomatic sort of revolution as he resumed relations with China.

He seemed to have some irony is his policy. Please note that although he publicly condemned the Chinese Communists, he exerted a more relaxed attitude and more friendly relations with the ...

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This posting explains Nixon's foreign policy.

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