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Manifest Destiny and the Civil War

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Example for response: question was name four reasons why the North won the Civil War, one answer would be:

response: Industry: the North had greater industrial capacity that better supplied the troops.

My questions:
1. Explain the expression: "Manifest Destiny."

2. Explain three factors that influenced the concept of Manifest Destiny as a way of thinking in the early 19th century America.

3. Explain three impacts Manifest Destiny had on early 19th century America (they can be negative or positive).

4. Explain five factors that influenced Americans to move west before the Civil War (do not repeat any answers from the question above).

5. Explain five ways the North was different from the South prior to the Civil War, (think in terms of economic, political, and social differences).

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The solution discusses different factors about the Manifest Destiny and the Civil War.

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Manifest Destiny
1. Definition: Broadly defined as the Continental Expansion by the United States beginning in the 1848s in an attempt to gain as much land within the republic as possible and regardless of how. Often termed America's Imperialist mission. Interestingly enough one interesting symbol was a train, bellowing smoke, headed westward from the eastern states.

2. Influencing Factors: On factor not often brought to light with respect to America's Manifest Destiny era is that of the romanticist ideals brought to America by Sir Walter Scott and Charles Dickens. Both these individuals were highly regarded in the United States and had a significant impact on the psychology behind the idea of Manifest Destiny or, what is called "the Coming of Age in America". Another influencing factor, not romantically empowered, was America's thought that Manifest destiny represented progress and to extend the boundaries of the United States was to extend the "area of freedom" and, believe it or not, thought to be God's plan for America and also thought to be providential. Lastly, the Manifest Destiny era was brought about and influenced by such areas as California and Oregon who were clamoring for reunion with the United States.

3. Impacts of Manifest Destiny: The greatest of all impacts of Manifest Destiny was the displacement of Native Americans from their indigenous lands and resettle them into areas that ...

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