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Manifest Destiny

Express what forces in American life contributed to the concept of Manifest Destiny? Please provide references and citations if used!

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Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny, coined by journalist John L. O'Sullivan, is an expression used to describe the United States expansion across the continent during the 1840s. Leaders used this phrase to promote the national mission to spread democracy and freedom across the continent, at least to whites of European dissent. However, it was not just the desire to spread democracy that led to Manifest Destiny. The United States experienced a population explosion. With this rapid population growth there was a need for farming land. The nation had also suffered two economic depressions and people wanted to find their fortunes on the frontier. Land in the west was inexpensive and sometimes it was even free. Also, there was a feeling of command and power associated with being a land owner. As the United States expanded west, ...

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This solution provides a brief discussion of Manifest Destiny, including the factors leading to the rise of Manifest Destiny.