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    2003 Iraq War

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    I would need some research upon the public opinion in the USA regarding the Iraq war between 2003-2004. Based on weather the US public was casualty phobic or defeat phobic based on researches made by Gelpi and Feaver and also contradicting Mueller, through poles made by CNN, CBN and Gallup or Pew research. Also what importance the presidential Campagne and the presedential election 2004 had on the public opinion and on the Iraq war. Also an important aspect would be the position of the political parties concerning the Iraq war.

    I need a very detailed solution that that will aid me as a reference that I can use write my paper, it is 22 pages in length.

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    These articles will have a lot of background and poll information on the war 2003-2004:





    http://www2.gsu.edu/~poljar/Casualties%20Polls%20and%20the%20Iraq%20War.pdf (This resource lists a number of polls that will give you access to numbers by pollsters including Fox News and Pew, Cnn and Gallup.)



    One of the first issues to understand is that the public did not want to go to war, or rather the majority did not, without more solid proof of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and the approval of the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) (Kull,Ramsay,Lewis, 2004) . The public was in favor of removing Saddam Hussein, but not going to war without the proof of WMDs. "Asked in a Chicago Council on Foreign Relations poll in June 2002 about their position on invading Iraq, 65 percent said the United States "should only invade Iraq with UN approval and the support of its allies"; 20 percent said "the US should invade Iraq even if we have to go it alone"; ...

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