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Comparisons-Vietnam War and Iraq War

Pretend you are a sociologist who has been invited to a college classroom to give a presentation on the similarities and differences between the war in Iraq that began in 2003 and the Vietnam War. The teacher of the class has asked you to include these issues:

1. The role of the media
2. Actions/reactions of the public
3. The 'official story' given to the public by the government about why the U.S. engaged in these two wars
4. The influence of each war on daily life

I have to develop a PowerPoint slide presentation of approximately 15 slides using a minimum of 4 references that include reliable internet references. Be sure to use the 'notes' section on Power Point to provide enough information to demonstrate your knowledge of each of the 4 points above as well as similarities and differences between these two wars. The first slide of the presentation is the title slide and the last slide is the reference slide. The 'notes' section should have APA formatted citations and follow APA formatting.

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Before we begin let me make a few notes. This PowerPoint presentation assignment is very interesting. The instructions are also clearly stated. However, as an OTA, the goal is to not provide material that a student can simply print-off and submit as their own. The job of the OTA is NOT to write an essay for the student, but to provide ideas, definitions, research help, and instructions on how the student should approach the problem. Therefore, I will not provide you with 15 already made slides. I will give you advice, hints, and further material and instructions to point you in the right direction.


A. Introduction: I would suggest that you begin your presentation by giving background historical information about the Vietnam war and the war in Iraq. Important information to include would be: location of the countries, the years of the wars, the key political players, etc. For example, the war in Vietnam took place in south-eastern Asia between the years of September 26, 1959- April 30, 1975. The war was fought between North and South Vietnam. The U.S. was involved because they supported South Vietnam and did not want the country to be taken over the communist North. The U.S.was anti-communist because they were entangled in the Cold War. The Cold war lasted from 1945 (after WWII) to 1991 (the fall of the Berlin wall). The key players in the Cold War was the USSR and western countries, specifically the U.S. Both sides disagreed on many things, such as communism and nuclear arms. Therefore, the U.S. began to be against anything, or anyone, that was Communist. It is for this reason that the U.S. did not want communist North Vietnam to control South ...

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This solution compares the differences and similarities of the Vietnam War and the Iraq war.