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    Vietnam War literature

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    Vietnam War Literature and Arts

    Research question:
    What is it? How is it different than other works of the time?

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    The Vietnam War in History, Literature, and Film. Review By: Hill, Matthew. War, Literature & the Arts: An International Journal of the Humanities. 2004, Vol. 16 Issue 1/2, p288-291.

    Can Vietnam Awaken Us Again? Teaching the Literature of the Vietnam War. By: Franklin, H. Bruce, Radical Teacher, 01914847, Spring2003, Issue 66

    What is it? How is it different than other works of the time?

    Vietnam literature differs from other forms of literature in several significant ways. The most significant difference is predicated upon the fact that much of the literature that is written is wrote by veterans of the war, nurses, and other individuals who had firsthand knowledge and experiences on the real horrors of the Vietnam war. This was unprecedented in its scope and helped to provide a realistic viewpoint of the war that countered the narrative being given by public officials and the government. This literature was profound in the sense that it contributed to the greatest anti-war movement in the history of America, helped contribute to the overall anarchy against the corrupt establishment and government that set the tone for the 60s, and was thought provoking in the sense that it forced Americans to question whether or not they could trust their government as the literature was in stark contrast to the information being given to the American public by the establishment.

    The arts and these include both music and television or movies was also unique in regard to Vietnam. Much of the celebrated movies of the 60s and ...

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    Vietnam War literature is examined.