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The Iraq War and Its Influence on Society

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The Iraq War and its influence on society both positive and negative. Comment.

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A good way to start getting your ideas moving is to brainstorm some possible positive influences on society and then some possible negative influences on society. Of course, this will differ across individuals, depending on whether or not they support the war in Iraq. The format will be like all academic papers, including an Introduction, Body and Conclusion. You will need to include a reference list as well, unless otherwise instructed by your teacher.

Potential Positives:
1. Ended the brutality of the Saddam Hussein dictatorship
2. Freedom and liberty to Iraq people (gradual progress)
3. Made a statement to the terrorists e.g., zero tolerance for terrorist acts

1. War was misguided e.g. it was actually Al Quaeda, not Iraq that was responsible for the 9/11 attack
2. War has a high cost e.g., financial - impacts economy and higher prices hurt society; and loss of human life -impacts society through grief and suffering associated with death
3. Wounded soldiers

Considering these abovementioned points, your tentative outline might look something to the effect (I also included some potential information and links for each section):

I. Introduction (e.g., about ¼ to ½ page introducing the topic of the Iraq War; include purpose statement: The purpose of this paper is to look at both the negative and positive implications of the Iraq War on society).

E.g. In January 2007, it was estimated that the true cost of the Iraq war could reach $2 trillion, a figure that seemed shockingly high. However, since then, the cost of the war - in both blood and money - has risen even faster than our projections anticipated. More than ...

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Regarding the Iraq War and its influence on society, this solution discusses some of the main positive and negative effects on society.