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The Social Impact of the Iraq War (Global War on Terror)

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What are the Social impact of the war in Iraq? Please provide an explanation.

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The solution discusses the social Impact of the War in Iraq, enumerating in general terms how they will manifest and affect society in the US, in Europe, the Middle East and the Iraqi society. The solution lists further references students can use to expand the ideas provided/listed. Recommended readings are also listed for further study.

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Dear Student,
To answer your question in only 250 words is not going to give you a lot of details. However, the solution below should be a good enough starting point, sociologically speaking. Please take note of the resources below, especially the book as it provides a wider discussion on the topic. Good Luck!

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Iraq War: Social Impact

When we talk about the social impact of the any conflict, we must look at the varied sides to provide a quantitative approximation. In the case of the currently ended Iraq Conflict that began in earnest in early 2003 (which had its roots in the 9-11 bombing of the NY World Trade Center); the social impact is not limited to or within the boundaries of Iraq. The US and its varied participating allies felt the impact of the war from the loss of lives of their soldiers to the depletion of financial and economic ...

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