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    The Crusades: Modern Day Lessons

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    I need help to complete a Powerpoint presentation on how history and its methods can be used to approach a specific contemporary problem such as war. I do not have the Powerpoint program on the computer, and I cannot afford it at this time. I do not need any extravagant pictures, but I need 2 slides w/6 bullet points per slide and speaker notes. My outline below is the info needed for the presentation. It covers the expected impact. Thanks!

    I. The Crusades, or Holy Wars, have lasted for thousands of years (1095 to 2009).
    A. The Crusades had an enormous influence on the European Middle Ages.
    B. Pope Urban II started the first crusade in the name of Christianity, to avenge the wrongs done against Christians and to recapture the Holy Lands.
    C. The event served to embitter the relations between Muslims and Christians for centuries.
    II. Into the eighteenth century, religiously expressed militant opposition movements remained steady.
    A. Militants fail, in an easy and relatively painless way, being defeated and suppressed. In which case, martyrdom brought a kind of success.
    B. Whatever doubts one may have about the ability of the fundamentalists, once in power, to achieve their declared aims, one should not underrate their capacity to gain and to use power.
    C. The impact is the militants have become, over time, as oppressive and as cynical as ousted predecessors. A phase which has become dangerous.

    III. America grapples with a new war fought against a Muslim threat and new efforts to control and transform a conquered people.
    A. History can provide insights not only into where the wars have been, but also into where the current war may be going.
    B. The Crusades were a Christian holy war against Islam, but is the war in Iraq simply war against terror.
    C. The current "War on Terror" will not end until complete genocide is committed.

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    The solution was created to explore the implication of the lessons of history to Modern Day issues and conflicts. This particular solution explores the lessons of the Crusades or the Holy Wars sanctioned by Rome and the varied European monarchies and political powers for the purpose of 'taking back' Jerusalem or the Holy Land and the subsequent radicalism that resulted on both sides - Christian and Muslims to the modern day conflict - the Global War on Terror. The solution comes in 3 attachments - the powerpoint presentation itself which includes a designed lay out and images plus animation and a Solution guide, explaining the 'rewritten text' on the slideshow, speaker's notes and a guide that suggests points of discussion and resources for these ideas which are online to make them easily accesible and a folder of images that could be used for the slideshow. The solution follows the APA guidelines.