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    The Crusades

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    "Can the Crusades, in any way, be called successful?"

    This job examines its successes.

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    One doesn't need to read very much to learn about the atrocities and failures associated with the Crusades -- from Antisemitism, to raping and pillaging, to the barbarity of the wars, to the increased militant nature of Christianity, to the increased distrust between the eastern and western branches of Christianity, to the breakdown in tolerance between Muslims and Christians. However, if we look at the Crusades from another angle we actually can spot some advantageous developments.

    The success of the Crusades was in areas other than religion. Essentially, the Crusades opened up trade and cultural exchange between Europe and the East. The opening up of trade routes and the exchange of goods stimulated European industry to improve and renovate itself, particularly in the areas of wool and textile development.

    Food science in Europe improved. Remember how important spices were in the old days (and even today)? It allowed for food to be preserved much longer than before, helping to ward off starvation and disease.

    There is another interesting development. With the collapse of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem and the European presence in the Holy ...

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    The positive effects of the Crusades are noted.