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What was the most important impact of the Crusades on Europe

Because of the Crusades, Europeans were exposed to various elements of Oriental cultures, and this exposure had a great impact on Europeans who were greatly impressed by some of what they found. What were some of the influences that flowed into Europe as a result of this exposure? Explain which of these you feel had the most profound effect and tell why you think this.

NOTES: First define what the Crusades were and when they took place. "Oriental" in this context refers to the Middle East. As we saw last week in the Silk Road assignment, this area was a crossroads that connected the Mediterranean world to the rest of Asia.

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Search Google on the Internet, and use the search phrase "crusades impact on europe." You will find many, many good sites with information that relates to this topic, all of them with their own focus and information - check several of them. From what you read, choose what *you* believe to be the most influential aspect of the Crusade's impact upon Europe. This question has no right or wrong answer - what matters is going to be the reasons you cite, and the logic you use, and the references you cite, for choosing whichever aspect of the changes that the Crudases brought to Europe that YOU think was the most important aspect.

If I were to answer this question, I would choose that the Crusades' ...

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